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Occurs on Thursday September 12 2019

Approximate running time: 1 hour


SPAC Stage
108 Avenue of the Pines
Saratoga Springs NY 12866

Event Notes

× Join us for our second season of the speaker series on the SPAC Stage! Attendees will sit in the orchestra chairs on the main stage of the SPAC amphitheater while renowned guest speakers lead captivating talks from the conductor’s podium on a variety of topics that bridge the worlds of art, science, and nature.

Water is going to turn out to be the most important and the most contentious resource issue for almost every country in the world in the next 50 years, even places like the United States where water has typically been abundant, safe, and inexpensive. Climate change, economic growth, and the growing middle class around the world will put pressure on water supplies like never before. People will live or die, and countries will succeed or fail, based on their ability to re-imagine how to use water in the new era of scarcity and climate change. Charles Fishman, author of the most influential water book in a generation, The Big Thirst, has become one of the most provocative and inspiring voices on water issues in the last few years. He takes audiences on a lap of the world to show what water problems look like, how they happen, and most important, what the most innovation solutions to those problems look like. Fishman’s previous book, the New York Times bestseller The Wal-Mart Effect, was the first to crack open Wal-Mart’s wall of secrecy, and has become the standard for understanding Wal-Mart’s impact on our economy and on how we live. The Economist named it a “book of the year.”

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