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SPAC 50 Book Tuesday December 31 2019 at 11:59 PM

SPAC Stage
× SPAC50 is a limited edition, 350-page coffee table book (12" by 12" hardcover) that explores the venue’s storied five-decade history. In 11 themed chapters, the book focuses on SPAC’s music (from classical arts to rock and roll), dance, educational offerings, highlights, and interesting insights into the venue’s development.

In addition, multiple artists and leaders who have shaped SPAC’s history have contributed their personal reflections. Over 450 images, many of them unpublished photos, will accompany the text.

The commemorative book was edited by Saratoga Springs historian Field Horne and designed by Saratoga Living and Chronogram magazine creative director David Perry. Skidmore professors Denise Warner Limoli and Tom Denny, along with other field experts, have provided essays for SPAC50.

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